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Civil Government

August 28, 2006

God ordained civil government

“to keep the rational world in bounds and order, to draw circles about the sons of men, and to keep them from passing their allotted bounds and limits, to the mutual disturbance and destruction of each other.”

(The Works of John Owen: Vol. II, Communion With God, p. 115, Banner of Truth edition)  But the world has misappropriated the institutions of government to sanction sin:  Legalized drugs and prostitution, the idea of equating marriage and homosexuality, and redistribution of wealth that results in the destruction of charity–these exemplify the attempted nullification of God’s law by appropriation of the pseudo-principles of tolerance and equity but are nothing but vindication of sin poorly disguised.

(I posted this comment in response to a post on The End of Friendship at a blog called Grapes and Figs:


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