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Poem from Heidi

August 30, 2006

This is from Heidi. Unimaginable: I received a poem just for me this morning.  Let me be aware Lord of this so quickly answered prayer for consolation of your Spirit.

a poem for Lauren*

If God is good in sending us the rain

That falls alike upon the half-formed face

Where still His Spirit comes, as once He came,

To move across the void with forming grace;

Alike upon the good and bad the same

Until in intersected rills we trace

The passion of His goodness, like a flame

That consecrates this world a holy place,

Burning but not consumed: and the galactic train

A fire in a storm effulging space-

Then is His goodness wild and undistinguishing

And tame and detailed as the watery lace

Upon the window, while I am in pain.


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