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Names, Shame, and Astral Aspirants

September 1, 2006

“Goodspaceguy” is the middle name and appellation of choice of a candidate for the United States Senate from Washington State.  Here is a segment from his campaign blurb in the Voter’s Guide: “Let’s Spread the life of Spaceship Earth out into our Solar System!  It is our intelligent destiny.”  I sincerely hope Goodspaceguy has an intelligent destiny.  I will be voting in this election, an election in the United States with someone named “Goodspaceguy” on the ballot.  I will be issued a sticker that says, “I Voted.”  I will come to the polls with a larger sticker to put over it that says, “I Love Ironing.”  One lie is as good as another.

Another name that promises big things:  The daughter of an old friend of mine is living in meritritious bliss with her boyfriend, Isaac.  They just had their second baby and named him Isaac.  They named their first baby Isaac as well.  Evidently the name Isaac is sort of a tradition with them.


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