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September 2, 2006

A friend loveth at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.  Pr 17:17 

Modern evangelicals have transposed Jesus the Friend into Jesus my chum.  The consequence of such galling presumptuousness is the decline of reverence.  Jesus is the Friend who loves us at all times; he is our brother born for adversity:  He will stand by us in the Terrible Day of the Lord. He is the Judge who will sentence those whom he calls friends to death and then announce the penalty has been paid–by his own death.  He will make it clear that all are hell-deserving sinners, and that his mercy will extend to a particular “many.” 

God willingly dying in the place of his elect is more vast than the universe to circumnavigate mentally; nonetheless it deserves reverent meditation at all times.  The evangelicals, however, sadly void of such capacity, have made it simple for themselves and renamed their Savior as Judge Gumball Machine–if they see him as a judge at all.  Maybe they do, but not their judge–after all, they took him up on his offer and got themselves saved.  They think it’s their own penny that extracts the prize from the dispenser.  (“Penny” likely dates me.)  Anything else, they belligerently assert, would not be fair.

Actually, I think we owe the evangelicals something.  We owe them the World’s tolerance toward the Church.  Their idea of God is so innocuous that the World lets us live, at least so far, at least in some places.  And, many likely are our ultimate brethren.   Still, they would do the Church a greater favor to promote reverence toward God, rather than the freeloading hopalong fairness that causes the World to give the Church the nod.  Of course, they cannot promote reverence, because their worship modalities are about themselves feeling their God, not about the God of the Bible who commands reverence.  If the World understood the truth about the reverence due to the true living, reigning. God, its nod would not be to the Church, but to the axeman.


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