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The Math of Enough

September 4, 2006

Jonathan Edwards nails the math of eternity in his sermon, “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God,” with the perfect rationale that the only way to appease a just God for the sin of an immortal sinner that would continue into eternity is by eternal punishment. There is no “enough;” there is only “eternal.” In his book, Not a Chance, R. C. Sproul deconstructs the proposition that a hypothetical chance of material generation can occur in a realm known to postmoderns as “enough time,” with impeccable logic of the same sort I admire in Gordon Clark, the sort that leaves me breathlessly wondering, “why argue?” Chance is not an entity, asserts Sproul, therefore it cannot be an instrumentality. Similarly, there can never be enough time, because time is not an entity, therefore it cannot be a sphere of material generation. All mathematics is measurement of one kind or another–some form of parametric framework for time-space comparison from a point of beginning to an endpoint, regardless of whether distance, duration, or quantity is the measured quality. When postmoderns reach a beginning they decide is the end of all beginnings, they go “BANG.” Others of us say, “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.”


Victorbravo said…
Isn’t it odd that scientists rejected spontaneous generation in favor of spontaneous eruption?Good observation on the math of eternity: it transcends time because time, as with everything else, was created.
8:17 AM  
Zack said…
Yes very good observation. I read it with my eyes closed and held my breath and hummed as it went by. The female concentrated harder but with the same results. She always got lousy scores in math though.
1:33 PM  

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