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Today the Cat is Charismatic

September 6, 2006

It’s not easy on me that the Cat rejects the doctrines of grace in favor of his Charismatic affinity. He makes it clear, morning after morning, that he believes in the Second Blessing. He does his snarf ‘n’ barf routine, and then waits for another breakfast to appear, which he picks at with more caution and savor. Just one more diversion in a busy Cat’s day…and mine. He invariably targets the seam in the table where the leaves pull out, but not very far, for this experience. I have to pull the leaf out the 1/8 inch that it extends and use a wet paper towel to clean the slit. I don’t know why he does this; he derives no direct enjoyment from it, because by then he’s off licking his paws in another part of the house, trusting that he has had his way and that I remain in his service.

A good thing about chickens is they don’t throw up.


Zack said…
I only threw up once. And then I went on a hunger strike until the female made me chicken soup. I was very pathetic.I am an atheist. Perhaps you didn’t know. I used to be a member of the One True Church of Lesser 10B Camino Viejo Maninal, but it split. One person went one way, and another person went another. Actually one person burned the building and they both had to leave. It was at this point that I was brought into contact with convincing arguments for non-logic which of course illogically convinced me to become an atheist.

4:08 PM  
Mrs. B said…
Zack, I cannot imagine you pathetic. But then, you are an atheist, and so at the very root of pathos.
4:14 PM  
Zack said…
Oh I sobbed, I was so pathetic. I almost made the female cry too. Your grandparents’ hometown is a dog’s paradise.
4:48 PM  
Mrs. B said…
Zack, I shall send you a present to cheer you. The Cat has his own agenda: a cat beats up a dog in the video.I am very surprised, actually, at your atheism. Surely it is not the way you were raised. The Cat here has a strong sense of who his creator is, just as he has a strong sense of the rest of his dominion.

5:44 PM  
Zack said…
Yes but you see I’m so stupid. I lost my leg in a little misunderstanding about dominion and nearly went insane.Thank you for my present. It was extremely fortuitous. I had just recovered from the bruises I got when opening the last one. I was deeply disturbed at some things. But all in all it was a good expose of cats.

7:48 AM  

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