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Yes, the Cat will be at the new number, too

September 11, 2006

We recently decided to streamline life and expel our land phone from the premises and live by cell alone. This has necessitated calling a few techno-stragglers with whom I am unable to communicate by email. One is my villagey little pharmacy, one of only three in a local chain. I gave the pharmacist our new phone number. She said, “I see you have a Cat on this account, too. Will the Cat be at the new number, too?” The Cat had been a pretty big account once, when he was first diagnosed diabetic, and ran up a $200 bill for insulin and syringes. Fortunately, this was a brief, if unamusing, escapade of his, and his diabetes quickly resolved after eight injections and different food. But who knows what the future may bring, so yes, the Cat will be at the new number, too.


Victorbravo said…
Don’t let the Cat know about the extra phone deal for $10. He’ll start demanding his own, with all the accessories.
10:40 AM  
Mrs. B said…
He demanded that I create a wishlist for him, listing “feline-compatible headset for cell phone,” but I could find no such product. I fear for our serenity.
12:47 PM  

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