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A Word from Our Sponsor

December 12, 2006

My blog is not available for advertising, and I delete comments that are nothing but ad drops; however, I reserve the awesome proprietorial power to promote noteworthy things from my modest forum. I frequently point to other people’s work because I think it is at least as worthy of notice as my own.

Mike Pitzler has undertaken the transcription of Pastor Tom Lyon’s sermons and, with Pastor Lyon’s approval, posted them on his blog. I can scarcely begin to express what a generous bounty this service provides. My friends who stay in touch by Christmas card can see what I’ve been raving about without coming to University Place, Washington. My brethren can correct their sermon notes and read sermons preached before they came to Providence. And those unacquainted with the Reformed faith can come to know its truth and grow in their faith through this expository preaching, the method of the Puritans.

The Puritans did not invent expository preaching; it was heard at Pentecost. However, with the organization of canon that the Spirit of God has since given the Church, I dare to say the Puritans improved this method of opening Scripture, text by text. They simply had more Scripture on which to draw than did Peter: a written record of the full gospel and provision of an ecclesiological format that comports to the manner of worship set forth in the word of God.

Other sites feature audio sermons, but not Pastor Lyon’s. Pastor Lyon’s preaching is reserved to his own little flock; however, he has permitted Mike to post these transcripts. Please read at least Pastor Lyon’s sermon on John 3:16 to gain a true exegetical understanding of this so often misapplied text. It’s no substitute for live hearing, but it will save you a trip to University Place.

Phillip R. Johnson’s website is dedicated to the publication of the writings and sermons of Charles Haddon Spurgeon. If you growl when the word “Calvinist” is enunciated in your hearing, please read Spurgeon’s sermon,“A Defense of Calvinism” at Phil’s site. If you still growl upon hearing the word “Calvinist” after giving this sermon a mindful reading, this post may be your Christmas card next year.


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Thanks for the plug, MrsB.
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