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Our Adventurous Morning

December 15, 2006

Some of you who do not live in the Puget Sound region may have noticed that I did not have a new post up on my blog early this morning. Our power, and that of our ISP, joined 100,000 other Tacoma Public Utilities customers, and went down in the wee hours of the morning. Our region, as you likely know from the national news, has just been through its worst windstorm in 25 years.

We remained quite comfortable through it all. We have a propane heater, kerosene lamps, and a propane stove (and fuel!). My husband boiled a pot of water outdoors on the propane stove, and I made a big pot of tea, which stayed hot for better than three hours under a thick Irish tea cozy. When daylight came, I read my Bible in the greenhouse, warmed by the propane stove. My resourceful husband got our generator working, which involved clearing a clogged fuel line and taking the carburator apart. Tom is right: the instructions for this procedure are not in the Bible, but Vic had them in his repertoir of ranch tradition. I listened to a beautiful Albioni oboe sonata on my Walkman radio to drown the noise of the loud, mid-1990s generator while I read in the greenhouse. We soon had our pellet stove going for indoor warmth, and the refrigerator and freezer were functioning. Our wireless internet router was powered, but our internet provider was still down. I even had a high-intensity reading lamp. I was about to grill steak and eggs alfresco when the power came back on. My first thought was, “I was born to this”–“this” meaning, “the indoor life full of amenities.” Hot water. Indoor heat. Cooking indoors. Artificial light at night. I’m such a wuss.


HZ said…
You’re such a wonder.
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