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Road Trip: Puyallup

December 16, 2006

Our animals motivate most of our major outings these days, as car travel is uncomfortable for me. Last summer I was a frequent traveler to the Cat’s internist. The chickens go through a carload of white pine shavings and poultry provender about every six weeks, providing an opportunity for a road trip to the farm store.

Saturday we drove to Del’s Farm Supply, a ride that took us through the soggy farmlands of Puyallup (pronounced, “pew-allup”). The name “Puyallup” is named for an Indian tribe, as well as a river of the same name, and means “generous people,” for the Puyallups were known as fair traders.

Del’s was busy with people picking up straw bales, feed, and seemingly just hanging out. No one was talking about any storm damage or power outages–these people would not be without generators, and they’re used to weather making work. Half an hour from urban Tacoma, there is still true rural life.

We stopped at Watson’s Nursery & Greenhouse for caramel apple pie and tea at their Flower Pot Tea Room on the way home, and then at Faith Dairy, hoping to catch our friends Sid and Cheryl, who own the dairy. We found Sid and his son removing their basement carpet, which storm flooding had destroyed. In high spirits, we discussed the sovereignty of God and the Tower of Siloam, and the good will God has shown to us all.


McBrooke said…
It is a constant battle for me to say “pew-allup” if I am looking at the word. I consider myself generally flexible linguistically, but there’s something about that word…. Although it’s not much different than Loogootee, Indiana: “luh-go-ti, ” population 2,700.
9:56 PM  
Mrs. B said…
Not to mention Leupp, Arizona: “loop.” I don’t know the population. I didn’t see anybody. It’s near Strawberry.
6:31 AM  
Victorbravo said…
I still can’t force myself to say “Duh Moynz”. But “The Boeings” is growing on me.Great road trip pics!

11:11 AM  
Mrs. B said…
I know, I’d be so embarrassed if I ran into anyone from Iowa. But we should say Duh Moynz to assert our states’ rights thing. It’s not like Iowans say “De Moinh,” so we’re both wrong.
11:22 AM  

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