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No Ketones and Cookies and Rooibos

January 1, 2007

The first of the year has been surprisingly survivable. The M80s and party noisemakers from the enclave above our neighborhood that heralded the jolly day seem to have jostled my cold from my throat to my head instead of my lungs, a favorable path. The day brightened further when His Preciousness The Cat tested negative for ketones this morning. This, coupled with fair insulin response, places him in the coveted “healthy diabetic” class. His morning glucose level was 140, which doesn’t scoop breath from my lungs as forcefully as 355.

I sorted through fat and ancient files and liberated several inches of space in my desk’s file cupboard, taking the fruits of my task to the fire pit and burning, with great satisfaction, the chunky stack of old medical bills, bank statements, and even a college philosophy journal and a graduate school paper on disability. How little I understood in those days I would not wish to have remembered.

For whatever reason, when the Cat’s diabetes flares up, he will eat only Trader Joe’s Tuna. Fancy Beast is on the outs until he is regulated. Yesterday my husband picked up 14 cans of TJ’s Tuna and a plastic tub of their triple-ginger cookies. The nice thing about the tuna preference is that I will get to see my friend Drew and his parents at Trader Joe’s after church. The other nice thing is the ginger snaps, a few of which I just enjoyed with a mug of orange-mango-vanilla rooibos. You can’t treat a cold too well.


Laura said…
I had to Google “rooibos…” now I understand. (Afrikaans is a wild language.)I enjoyed much vicarious satisfaction at the thought of you burning grad school papers, really. Thank you for sharing.
4:38 PM  

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