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for real: Congressman Ron Paul

January 21, 2007

So, it seems the Senate has ratified SB1 and dropped the provision that would have required small-potatoes bloggers with their awesome influence to register as lobbyists. I have no doubt that this triumph of liberty is due largely to the efforts of my cat named Ron Paul. In his humble desire to remove the spotlight from himself, he has freed me to discuss Congressman Ron Paul, who really has launched an exploratory campaign for a Presidential run, and who has received as much attention from the Liberal Media Establishment as last year’s snow in Vermont.

I have been astonished at the astute, politically aware people who have not heard of Congressman Paul. He has held a seat in the House of Representatives for three decades, intermittently resigning to return to his medical practice, and successfully winning re-election. He serves the 14th Congressional District of Texas, which includes much of the Gulf Coast.

You will find Congressman Paul’s Congressional website atypical in its emphasis on real issues, not flights of political fantasy, and the Congressman’s reasoning behind his positions.

I find it inexcusable that the media have ignored Congressman Paul, while treating John McCain and Rudy Giuliani as viable contenders for the Republican nomination. Meanwhile, the Democratic line-up is the stuff of Depakote dreams: it’s comical, senseless, and horrid, all at the same time.

Ron Paul stands for the right stuff: limited government; a military committed to the national defense, not to international peacekeeping offensives; and prosperity unhindered by a federal income tax. He’s not a tax-protest whack job. He has a grounded knowledge of where prosperity comes from and how government pays for necessary services. He is not a friend of pull-peddling government-abetted megabusiness. He opposes abortion, and as an obstetrician, he’s delivered several thousand babies. He has served his country’s military as a flight surgeon.

If you have heard about Ron Paul here first, then be glad blogs are more prevalent than are facts in the establishment media. Ron Paul has served his nation’s best interests from his Texas seat for about 30 years. If his website finds favor in your sight, please look over everything you can find about him in a Google search. Congressman Paul is neither obscure nor a limelighter. He’s a competent representative in what he aspires to make a more competent republic.

Then, please ask your newspaper editors why you haven’t seen anything about Congressman Ron Paul on their pages. I have followed Ron Paul’s voting career for about 15 years and find consistent integrity there.


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