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Another day, another conspiracy theory

February 5, 2007

Who owes Merck for all the profits it lost recalling Vioxx? Everyone–especially 11-year-old girls in Texas.

Merck makes more than Vioxx, of course. Merck makes, for instance, Gardasil, a vaccine against certain types of sexually transmitted cervical cancer.

Merck also makes friends with legislators. And Merck bankrolled bigtime friendships in the Texas legislature. These alliances paid off in a state law, effective in about 19 months, making HPV vaccinations mandatory for all girls ages 11 and 12, before entering sixth grade. Exemptions will be available for reasons of conscience or religion.

The rationale for targeting this age cohort is that the vaccine is most effective when adminstered before the girls become sexually active. 

State-mandated vaccinations with Merck vaccines should help the drug company get back on its feet after its Vioxx losses. And sin gets another pass, because there’s a vaccine against its consequences.

According to this article, Merck will be funding efforts to get legislatures across the country to go forth and do as Texas.

  1. Ruben permalink
    February 5, 2007 5:10 pm

    Nothing like some good creative partnering as a way to guarantee profits. Sort of like giving vouchers instead of cash: “we pay you, but you can only spend the money at approved stores”

  2. February 7, 2007 9:56 am

    Public-Private-Partnership theory refined to its essence.

    Why mess around with publicly-bid competetive contracts when you can get the government to not only grant a monopoly, but provide the market and guarantee payment?

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