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Breakfast of Champions vs. Migraine of Weenies

March 23, 2007
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I know I don’t die daily in the sense that the Apostle Paul did. My assigned trials are what a weenie can bear, and escapes are faithfully provided. Sometimes in my impatience I seek a shorter escape route. Like this morning’s breakfast.

Backing up a couple of decades, my master’s degree research was heavy on biometrical applications and statistical design. I know something about confounding variables. I like them. Not in a study design, but in life: I tend to favor a method best described as “try everything once, right now.”

Three weeks ago I decided to stop taking a migraine-blocking medication because I was beginning to have breakthrough migraines with fair regularity, as well as the medication’s side effects (“collateral off-market effects”). I have no regrets about discontinuing the medication. I began practicing a Y-Dan routine at the same time I went off the medication. Did Y-Dan cure my migraines? I didn’t get one for three weeks, but I did today. But one in three weeks is about five fewer than what I was having on the medication. Before I began taking the medication I was having a migraine a day.

I am convinced that gentle flexibility exercise is helpful in migraine abatement, because I am convinced that my particular migraines originate in muscle spasms that impact nerves that trigger migraines, not in a predisposition to nerve seizures per se. I can’t prove this, and no one else has proven the contrary.

I had a headache last night and it was still present when I woke this morning. It wasn’t a migraine, but a familiar threatening precursor, accompanied by the familiar muscle spasms. I went ahead with my Y-Dan routine. Half an hour later there was no question: the headache had crossed the migraine line. Imitrex takes time to work. I was hungry. Sometimes hunger triggers migraines. Sometimes migraines make people throw up. Tough call.

Hunger won: I assembled a substantial breakfast, full of migraine-triggering foods, like pickled things, in an inspiration of reverse biology. Fighting migraines with capers and gari is like fighting fire with fire. Either you block the fire with the backfire, or you lose everything in between.

I downed a three-egg caper omelet, a toasted muffin slathered with cream cheese and gari (pickled ginger), and of course my usual mild-mannered orange and green tea with almond milk. The backfire turned the tide. The migraine abated.

Disclaimer: Do not attempt this maneuver at home without proper medical advice and/or adult supervision. In my case, the Cat looked on approvingly.

  1. March 23, 2007 12:46 pm

    Good thing Coolidge was there. It sounded like high drama.

    I’m glad you are avoiding those collateral off-market effects. Certainly you should only get the effects you pay for.

  2. Ruben permalink
    March 27, 2007 7:54 am

    You are braver than I am –and better at titles.

  3. heidi permalink
    March 30, 2007 7:43 am

    You are hilarious. I love ‘try everything once – now’. It shall perhaps go on my fridge. No doubt inducing a massive fit of indigestion.

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