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a saddening mark

April 4, 2007

“The greatest knowledge, then, and the greatest wisdom of Christians is, not to know the law, to be ignorant of works and of the whole active righteousness, especially when the conscience wrestleth with the judgment of God.  Like as on the contrary, amongst those which are not of the number of God’s people, the greatest point of wisdom is, to know and earnestly to urge the law, works, and the active righteousness.” –Luther on Galatians (James Clarke & Co., 1953), p. 23.

I have this book on loan from the Seattle Public Library.  Sadly, there is a question mark in the margin alongside this passage.  I am sorry the reader missed the point of grace; the “not to know the law” might be kind of a tripwire, but Luther does go on to explain himself in lucid detail.  I hope the question mark reader has since gained understanding of the quintessential core of justification by grace.

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