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That was a debate???

May 4, 2007

I thought a debate afforded equal time on the same issue to each participant, but evidently the classical format has undergone an overhaul. I never keep up with these changing definitions of self-evident things.  In any case, in last night’s debate, the presumed frontrunners were given the most questions to field. Mrs. Reagan was very gracious to have the guys over, anyway.

I don’t know how the protocol read, but it seemed that everyone got to gush over their time a little if he had nothing to say, except for Ron Paul, who in mid-principled sentence, was heartily and loudly thanked and his time was up. But he did get it out that yes, he would phase out the IRS. And he did it get out that the evilest tax of all is inflation, which is most debilitating to the poor. We just keep printing money like we have it. Somehow, the formula, “the more we print, the less it’s worth,” is lost on the average presidential aspirant. It’s certainly lost on the average president. Ron Paul knows it.

Guiliani is flexible enough to separate his beliefs from his policies. This translates into the bizarre equivocation that he personally hates abortion, but he favors a woman’s right to choose to have one.

Poor McCain is blithering but eager to prosecute almost anyone to the fullest extent of the law.

National IDs are all the rage to everyone but Ron Paul. The true ID believers tried to back down afterwards and say they meant the IDs were just for aliens, but everyone knew that wasn’t what the discussion was about: they were talking NATIONAL IDs, not alien IDs.

As for the other guys, well, they were just the other guys. I tried to keep them straight by memorizing their ties, but I’m colorblind.

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  1. May 4, 2007 7:19 am

    Excellent summary. Not much more to say, although the spinmeisters continue to try.

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