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Shhh…Obama is sleeping

May 14, 2007

This is my own personal scenario, all highly speculative and only lightly dramatized, for the turn the Democratic Party Scheme is about to take. No names are changed to protect anyone. Facts are facts.

Clinton is outpolling Obama. Obama’s best audacious hope is to salvage a shot at being a presumed pick for VP.

It isn’t going to happen. Who thinks Clinton wants her VP job-shadowing her for four to eight years?

I still think Clinton is going to pick Tom Vilsack (Remember Tom Vilsack, former Governor of Iowa and brief presidential contender who pulled out right after Clinton announced she was running?) as a running mate. The incredible thing is that she thinks this is going to be a surprise.

Vilsack is a vociferous voice against the Iraq war, and Clinton needs some, uh, help in that area. Vilsack is perfect, because his opposition to the war supports Clinton’s own excuse for voting for it in the first place. Vilsack attests, “It’s not pacifism that makes people think this way. They’re questioning the credibility and competence of the Commander-in-Chief…” (quote from Wikipedia’s listing on Tom Vilsack) Perfect scripting: who could have known that going to war would mean fighting a war with presidential leadership and things like that?

Vilsack’s warm in all the areas where Clinton is gelid. He lives with his wife. He doesn’t cross Hillary where it could hurt: he supports abortion rights, while personally opposing abortion, just like the ever-equivocal Giuliani–but he’s kinder and gentler than Clinton with her “Constitutional rights” approach to infanticide. Another ancient link is that Hillary Clinton served with Vilsack’s brother-in-law, Tom Bell, on the House Judiciary Committee during the Watergate investigations. Vilsack has endorsed Clinton, although initially Edwards showed more strength in Iowa.  And of course, Christie Vilsack had a lot of mic time at the 2004 Democratic Convention, while Mrs. Clinton was given the cheerful duty of introducing her husband.  It struck people as odd at the time.  I still think it was part of the stagecraft.

But Obama doesn’t see this coming. It’s pathetic. He has his eye on the hoop and he isn’t even holding the ball.


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