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Paging Dr. Paul: Quick, before we stage a coup of this coup

June 14, 2007

Of our annual $400 million that went to perhaps a delusional vision of achieving Palestinian democracy, about $2 million went to aid Fatah in an attempt at a perhaps more balanced Palestinian state. Hamas, of course, has now asserted control over Gaza; Abbas, our carefully groomed leader is probably in “an undisclosed location.” From the American, global, humanitarian point of view, this is not a good thing.

But we can catch a whiff of necessity in the air, and it is not pleasant either. Would it be too convenient if the Hamas coup in Gaza triggered an avalanche of pre-emptive, uh, appearances, on our part in the area, perhaps some of them shocking, if not awesome?

Of course Hamas took down the U.S.-bolstered government in four days. We don’t have a track record that looks good compared to that.

We need to tack fast, because the wind has changed, and I really, really, really mean it: we need the rational, informed Ron Paul at the helm.


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