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File under: Murders and Acquisitions

July 17, 2007
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This is the story. Wealthy doctor, 69, has younger wife, 48, who works, evidently as a matter of choice. Doctor selects her clothes, accessories, &c. for her–clearly the pathological control freak type. Doctor demands plate of fruit every evening and some quiet time when he comes home from work. It must have been the fruit thing that sent her over the edge.

Wife gets into drugs. She goes to treatment and finds true love with new boyfriend, 26. He’s the sort of guy she can confide in, hire to kill her husband–the sort of guy a girl can really feel safe with.

Boyfriend kills husband. Wife faces death penalty. Boyfriend faces 17+ years. Sad, evil greed ends badly for all.

There are people who think evil does not exist, that everything exists on a spectrum. The nice thing is, everyone can construct his own spectrum in his own mind. I’d love to know where on the spectrum this falls in their minds.

Maybe we just need more liberal divorce laws. When the husband goes over the top and starts demanding fruit plates, it’s time to split the sheets. Distribute all wealth to the party who is clearly wronged: in this case of course, the wife who is put upon to fix fruit plates. After all, we’re a hard-hearted bunch; we need our escape writs.

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  1. scribbles2day permalink
    July 17, 2007 12:24 pm

    Black is my end of the spectrum! The thoughts that pop in from out of nowhere demonstrate that without having to actually go there. Thank God!

    An excellent opportunity for those of us in Christ to yield our wills to Him who keeps us. I do agree that there is a line to be drawn for divorce. It ought to not have gone so far, but hey, they have been called to be wolves. Who can escape that?

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