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Maddie’s case: People don’t bleed for three weeks after they’re dead!

September 7, 2007
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I’ve followed Maddie McCann’s case from the beginning, but I could have missed something. Doubtless there are facts that police have not disclosed. But it doesn’t take Angela Lansbury to figure out that people don’t bleed for three weeks after they’re dead.

Maddie disappeared May 3, and the McCanns rented the car containing her blood traces on May 25. That makes it difficult for them to have been the ones transporting her, unless the blood in the car was on a scrap of clothing. 

One would assume that the Portuguese police would be checking car rental records for May 3, but instead they are trying to force the McCanns to confess that one or both of them “accidentally” killed their child, the child they waited five years to conceive, finally resorting to IVF. But it seems to me that the Portuguese police appear more interested in closing this case than in solving it.

If Mrs. McCann caused the death of her child before returning composed to a pleasant dinner with friends, then Maddie would have been dead the day she disappeared, right? But the McCanns rented the incriminating car more than three weeks after Maddie disappeared.   And Maddie could not have been bleeding when they rented the car if she had been dead for three weeks.

Just maybe Maddie was snatched on May 3 by someone who rented the car the McCanns happened subsequently to rent three weeks later. Improbable, but possible, and definitely more possible than a three-week-old bleeding corpse.

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  1. scribbles2day permalink
    September 8, 2007 4:48 am

    The Portuguese police want them to confess to accidental poisoning. So how does poisoning relate to bleeding? Unless of course mom keeps a spare supply of bleeding agent on hand with the rest of her WMDs.

    I have also thought the P Police were simply wanting to close the case.

    How do you get the same rental car after three weeks?

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