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no other but a woman’s reason

September 22, 2007

There is more to the providential coming to mind of the hymn I posted yesterday, Jesus, Lover of my soul. The tune was going through my mind, and I had no recollection of the words, but I had also been troubling over Romans 8:35, Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? tribulation or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or danger, or sword?

I had been crying for relief from thoughts that the very system God made for me was what he was using to cut me off from himself. The theme text for “Jesus, Lover of my soul” in the Trinity Hymnal happens to be Romans 8:35. Not weird. Delivered as promised.

My triumphant thought for the day is that we probably will not have endocrine systems in our glorified state. Why would we need them? They control growth, and we will be perfect in that; they control mental balance, and we will be perfect in that; they control everything from digestion to skin texture to reproduction to stress response–every nuance of the fallen human condition. We will be free of all of these; fallenness will pass away. If we have endocrine systems, they will be perfect. But it does seem to me that they would be as gratuitous as the sun, which will disappear, replaced by Christ’s own light. This does make glory seem very wonderful indeed.

Last night in a fit of optimistic euphoria I decided that I would drive to my endocrinologist’s appointment in Seattle next week.  I haven’t driven that far in five years. My husband and I weighed the various options, and I felt, and he agreed, this to be the best. I need the challenge, the sense of control, the sense of gain and ability. Bobbie will come with me and be available as back-up driver. I won’t use the freeway, so there will be plenty of places to pull off and walk around when my back seizes up and my leg goes numb. We’ll make it a girl-type road trip and allow hours to get there and get lattes on the way and it will be a blast. My husband works in Seattle and will meet us at the doctor’s office.

The song from Tommy goes through my mind:

There’s a doctor I’ve found
Could bring us all joy!
There’s a doctor I’ve found could cure the boy!
There’s a doctor I’ve found could cure the boy!

There’s a man I’ve found could remove his sorrow,
He lives in this town let’s see him tomorrow,
He lives in this town let’s see him tomorrow!


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