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Adiposity, alight not here

October 31, 2007

The only cue I have that the adrenal-replenishing hydrocortisone I’m taking is urging any sort of metabolic stir is ravenousness. I’m slender but not gaunt, and I have no self-concept as anything but a gracile specimen.

Now I’m beginning to wonder whether the substantial meals I suddenly need throughout the day are going to result in just “rebuilding.”

It would be nice if the cortisone would impel sufficient energy to enable me to exercise adequately to offset my calorie intake, but my appetite is all it seems to be driving. Eating seems to be all I have any energy for.

Meanwhile, arthritis and cholesterol issues require a light frame, exercise, and disciplined diet. I walked around my neighborhood today at about two miles per hour, a veritable blur in blue.

My cousin, Kal-El, greets me from overhead. His blue cape and tights fit right in around here. “Kara! When did you arrive from Krypton?”But I hit Kryptonite. I strained my knee and hobbled home, hungry again.Is life just going to be like this?

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  1. October 31, 2007 5:03 pm

    Alas, Romans 5 tells us that something like Kyptonite is universal around these parts. Thank God we have someone more substantial and invincible than Kal-El to see us through.

    On the adiposity avoidance front, I remember a study I saw that indicated that muscle mass improves on moderate cortisone therapy. Maybe things are building, but it might take time.

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