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Daystar51 Milestone: 20,000 views in 11 months

December 3, 2007

Today, Daystar51 reached the milestone of 20,000 views in my 11 months at WordPress.

The archived posts from August 2006 to January 2007 are those I posted originally as Mrs. B & The Cat at Blogger, and I have no stats for that period.

My trackbacks show that Daystar51 has been translated into and searched in, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Danish, German, Greek, and Arabic.

The most-read post on my blog has been “Is Ron Paul a Christian, and why it doesn’t matter.”   At this writing, the post has been read 1,723 times.

I have been a writer all my life, and I have been a reader all my life. My blog is a chronicle of the things of life. I have chronicled my reflections on the presence of God in all things in my simple life, my Cat’s diabetes and compelling antics, the rise of Ron Paul, my observations of various cultural algorithms, and the vicissitudes of my health. In my case, writing publicly has been a way of dealing honestly and accountably with things that would be more difficult to communicate personally. Daystar51 is nothing if not personal.

Cheers to a most eclectic contingent of the best and the brightest: the readers of Daystar51, a most eclectic blog.

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  1. December 3, 2007 9:44 am

    Cheers to hitting the big time!

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