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My once and only caucus

December 17, 2007

Last night my husband and I attempted to reconstruct the disaster of our first and only Washington state caucus experience. This was in response to my inquiry as to whether we would attend the Washington Republican caucus in our area in order to vote for Ron Paul. The answer was one of the more dispositive “nos” my husband has ever enunciated.

“That was the day we discovered all our friends were Neo-Cons,” he said.

“Yes, it was rather disappointing. Rich and Hal morphed into Peter Straussians in our very sight and hearing. I could not believe Rich supported McCain-Feingold campaign reform. Rich, my bro, that would mean we couldn’t go in on a billboard together! Not to mention Hal’s ardor for McCain’s trigger locks. Hal, I have a built-in trigger lock. It’s called arthritis! And Hal a Marine! What am I supposed to do, call the Marines if we have a burglar?”

We reminisced a little while, but neither of us could remember whom we voted for in 2000, who was running, or why it mattered enough to us at the time to attend a caucus and the party platform convention. The church we attended at the time was sort of the local Republican club.

Still, I thought it might be good to attend the local caucus this year, just to vote for Ron Paul.

“But the reason the caucus was so awful…” I was still trying to negotiate. “Was that we were on the island and we were friends with everyone there. It turned out we had no real principles in common. That was disappointing. Here we don’t know anyone involved in anything political. Who cares if we don’t enjoy them?”

“We’re not going,” he said. “We would have to declare party allegiance.” The trump-suit ace was on the table.

“Right. I can’t really call myself a–Republican–or any kind of partisan at this point.”

We verified that Ron Paul is indeed on the February 19 Washington primary ballot and agreed that was enough of a duty roster.


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