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Ready or Knot: The yarn reviewer mills will fear!

January 4, 2008

I just spent an hour and a half securing the tail of a 50 gm center-pull skein of pricey designer yarn, winding it over, under, around, and through about 9,000 knots. The top and center-pull tails found true love and simply jammed halfway through the skein. I hate when this happens.

About seven balls ago, in another skein of the same yarn, a tiny knot materialized where the yarn had severed and the mill simply tied it back together, leaving no tails to weave in. This knot, of course, appeared right in the middle of a row. I can only hope the fluffy little nubbin remains on the wrong side of my sweater.

I’m not talking Red Heart here. The small, cute, center-pull skeins that look ready-to-knit but are ready-to-knot, are Louisa Harding Kashmir DK, costing $8.70 for a 50 gm, 116-yard skein. How little I enjoy spending that much for yarn I have to rewind into a single-tail ball before using it will be the subject of a rather cross missive to the company.

Feel free to post your brand-name yarn atrocity stories here as comments. If the blogosphere enhances life in no other sector, improved yarn skeins will do so much to ensure domestic tranquility.

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  1. January 5, 2008 7:28 am

    I did write to Louisa Harding regarding the tangled skeins. Louisa herself wrote me back, immediately, graciously expressing her concern and her commitment to her hands-on approach over the multi-national production and quality control of her yarns. What a delight to have a connection with the designer of the yarn of my sweater! Ultimately this is worth the time it’s taken to untangle the skeins–and Louisa is already addressing this matter with her production staff. I am reprinting her kind response here:

    Dear Lauren

    Re: Problematic Skeins

    Thank you for your email and bringing to my attention the problems that you are having with the Kashmir DK ball make up.

    I am passing on your email to my partner company who will be able to contact the manufacturing mill directly and let them know your comments.

    I totally understand your frustration regarding the unease of working with a yarn if it does not unravel from the ball in a fluid manner, I appologise for this.

    It is not until members of the public such as yourself contact me with production issues that I am made aware of any problems with the quality of bulk production.

    I always expect that bulk production will be as the samples I have tested, swatched and feel live up to my high quality expectations before adding to my yarn line.

    I do hope that we can resolve this matter satisfactorily and that you will enjoy your finished project knitted from Louisa Harding Yarn.

    Kind regards


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