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It isn’t easy being queen….

January 7, 2008

Democrats don’t interest me, so why is their race suddenly so exciting?

I think what is so interesting to me could fill a volume, Misconceptions of Highly Intelligent People. Hillary Clinton, for instance.

She worries about tarnishing the “Clinton brand”  with an embarrassing loss. Clinton brand? She must have sat out her husband’s eight years as President not to have noticed a bit of smudge on the brand. Yet she relies on those years to invoke vast “experience.”

She maintains that abortion is a “basic right,” but she doesn’t seem to notice that no one but a few very hardened feminists after her own stony heart feel this way. Then she wonders why people don’t find her magnetism and charm compelling.

She wants to change your life. Do you want Hillary Clinton to change your life? I honestly don’t think many people competent to complete a ballot are waiting for Hillary Clinton to change their lives.

Bill can’t make her taller, younger, or male.   Elizabeth Edwards confessed her inability to make John black or female.   And Michelle thought we were all interested in whether Barack could toss a sock through a laundry hoop. Why do smart people say things like this about their spouses?

Maybe Hillary should have picked “Will you still need me, when I’m 64?” for her campaign song.  She seems a little down right now.

Oh! Someone woke up George McGovern, 85, fossilized evidence of a bygone change era. He’s mumbling something about impeaching Bush and Cheney. Quick, before it’s too late!

  1. January 7, 2008 11:11 am

    If it weren’t so serious, I’d say this has got to be the most entertaining past week in a long time.

    Heck, even though it’s serious, it’s still entertaining.

    I know it is out of context, but I keep waiting for this to happen:

    “The nations have heard of thy shame, and thy cry hath filled the land: for the mighty man hath stumbled against the mighty, and they are fallen both together.” — Jer 46:12

    The hazards of hubris shown yet again.

  2. January 7, 2008 11:22 am

    I think it is very much in context.

    And I look for Ron Paul to be the only one left standing when the dust settles. I’m afraid his Republican opponents have provided very poor entertainment, and, height notwithstanding, very poor stature all around.

  3. kamelda permalink
    January 8, 2008 12:26 pm

    Ruben tells me the tears are a desperate bid to seem human. (Were they real? Have they been analyzed?) I hope he’s right. Otherwise it seems merely on the level of crying because you didn’t get your way: she wasn’t crying over Bhutto’s death or similar tragedies (& did Bhutto break down about how hard it was to get up every morning and face radical opposition that was deadly serious in its rejection of her?), but because the American people aren’t jumping up and down to let her control the nation, thereby generating hope which she alone can give. Entertaining, but ridiculous in the extreme.

  4. January 8, 2008 1:13 pm

    I remember Muskie crying…maudlin, at best.

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