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Assignment: Go forth and stimulate the economy!

January 25, 2008

Election years are a blast, because all the politicians–except Ron Paul–want to be Santa Claus, and all the people get to be greedy, stupid children.

Summertime looms, and Americans can scarcely believe their good fortune. A pittance of the taxes they paid last year are to be returned to them. They are to go forth and spend money on stuff to stimulate the economy.

What fun, what insanity. For the American facing foreclosure from the last exciting episode of government-given money, the $600 or $1200 they will see won’t pay a month’s interim rent.

Not that tax rebates are intrinsically a bad thing. But if a burglar hauled off with my five-piece, eight-place set of silver and, in a twinge of conscience, restored to me a teaspoon, I wouldn’t show up teary-eyed at his sentence mitigation hearing. We’re getting back, after all, a portion of that which was exacted from us by force. And now we’re supposed to be jumping up and down and clapping our hands, happy to help our government out of a very ugly scenario: low-value money, and not much of it.

Our government has conceded the obvious: we’re in a recession and there’s nowhere to put your money (if you have any). The market’s too scary, the banks are paying paltry interest, and there’s no incentive to save anyway, because inflation eats your money faster than you can get through traffic to spend it anywhere.

A broker representing a big-name national investment firm is going door to door in my neighborhood. Hint: Things are Bad. When Pelosi and Bush are smiling and pointing to the same page in the big picture book, Things are Bad.

The other shot in the arm we’re getting to be vaccinated against the End of the American Dream as We Know It virus is a higher cap on Fanny Maes and Freddy Macs. Seattle homeowner-aspirants need no longer laugh hopelessly at the silly $417k jumbo maximum; now it’s $730k. This is great news for us maundering middle-class types who can now expect million-dollar-plus homes to come up on foreclosure sales in the next couple of years.

People don’t have enough money and what they have is shamefully devalued. So they proudly put out their hands for help, because, after all, they paid for it with money that was worth something.

Here is what Ron Paul says of tax rebates on high taxes:

“The withholding process has permitted many to believe that a tax rebate at the end of the year comes as a gift from government. Because of this, the real cost of government to the taxpayer is obscured. . .

“A casual acceptance of the principle behind high taxation, with an income tax and an inheritance tax, is incompatible with a principled belief in a true Republic. It is impossible to maintain a high tax system without the sacrifice of liberty and an undermining of property ownership. If kept in place, such a system will undermine prosperity, regardless of how well off we may presently be.” Source: A Republic, If You Can Keep It, A Statement of Hon. Ron Paul of Texas

Yes indeed, we have undermined ourselves in giving of our substance so we would not have to give of our thought and effort to keep the Republic. We have been such good children, if a bit greedy and stupid.

  1. January 29, 2008 4:47 pm

    Yes, we have been such good children. And pretty soon we will obediently spend our monopoly money on imported goods from Walmart and imported gas from the Middle East.

    And it probably will stimulate their economies, most likely.

  2. Jane permalink
    January 30, 2008 7:52 am


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