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Our caucus wasn’t so raucous; in fact, it was kind of fun

February 9, 2008


 These are early arrivals, but the hall was larger than the crowd.


Reading of the rules and invocation


People are signed in and associating with their precincts.


My husband Vic reads the questionnaire to rank priorities. 


Our delegates, Jeff and Jeff


Our alternate delegates, Lynne and Terry



First, the amazing numbers: my precinct went 33% for Ron Paul! Okay, nine people showed up from my precinct, and three of us support Ron Paul.

My precinct was among the 50 Tacoma precincts that gathered in a large rented room at Freighthouse Square. The crowd was larger than expected, but still small: probably a couple of hundred people.

Republicans really are civilized and orderly, and friendly, too. My husband and I were the first from our precinct to sign in. We immediately met three Ron Paul supporters from the adjacent precinct, including the guy with the big Ron Paul sign on his fence that I always see going along Proctor St.

It’s interesting that only Washington and Texas have both caucuses and primary elections. In Washington, Democrats select all their delegates in their caucuses; Republicans select 51% of their delegates from the primary and 49% from their caucuses. As independents, but situational Republicans for the purpose of voting for Ron Paul, we felt it was important to attend our caucus with the hope of sending a Ron Paul delegate to the county convention.

Our precinct had exactly the number of people willing to serve as delegates as there were slots: two delegates and two alternates. We elected them unanimously.

Both of our precinct’s delegates are named Jeff. One Jeff is supporting Ron Paul and will vote for no one else; the other Jeff originally supported Romney and now reluctantly supports McCain. Our alternates, Terry and his wife Lynne, originally supported Romney; now they likely will go with the party flow.

I was happy to find that I didn’t honestly care whom our delegates supported, though I am grateful that we are sending one for Ron Paul. They’re all solid, salt-of-the-earth, moral, good-hearted people. A questionnaire was read to rank policy and funding priorities. We all pretty much thought the same things were important.

After ranking the items on the questionnaire and electing our delegates, our work was done. Republicans are very efficient. We stayed a while and talked together about all kinds of things. We found that we held the same important values in common, and where we differed, there was no discord. Contention is for politicians; there is really much more unity among caucusing neighbors than politicians would have us think.

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  1. Jeremy permalink
    February 10, 2008 10:13 am

    I’ve found that Ron Paul wins more delegate slots than the preference polls indicate. Don’t be surprised if in the end Ron Paul has the most delegates from Washington.

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