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Day in the lemonlight

February 19, 2008

The word “limelight,” I learned on looking it up, refers to the brilliant light derived from the incandescence of lime (CaO), used to illuminate the part of a stage on which primary action is taking place. Lime was used for brilliant theatre lighting and lighthouses in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Today, Washington state is doused in lemonlight.

The Washington State Democratic Party deems that only its adherents who are healthy and convivial enough to endure the caucus process should have a say in the Party’s presidential nominee. The Party sends all its convention delegates based on the caucus vote; no delegates are at stake in the primary. Therefore, no one but a few Huckabee people, are very interested in the Washington primary.

Of further national disinterest is “soldier of ideas” Fidel Castro’s decision to step down and make way for the “election” of his brother, Raul, who is presumably honing his scorpions.

A bit more incandescent is Senator Hillary Clinton’s use of the word “misrule,” referring to the Bush Administration. Hmm. Misrule, I suppose, implies rule, which perhaps gives a hint of her unraveling intent.

I intend to bask in the lemonlight today and figure out how to knit gloves. I’m intrigued by all the numbers involved. Like Governor Huckabee, I didn’t major in math, but I can count and measure things, and I honestly don’t expect a miracle to transform a couple of hundred yards of yarn into a three-dimensional object with fingers.

When my husband comes home, we will go out and vote for Ron Paul. This is likely the last time his name will actually appear on a Washington ballot; however, in November we will be able exercise a write-in vote to express our preference.

Oh, one other thing about limelight. The components are explosive and quite hazardous.


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