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If one could hold a colloquy of one

March 19, 2008

Well, if one could, against the din, one might be inclined to note things like this.

Against the din of Senator Obama: If you align with a church for many years, you should know what your pastor says. If you do not know what he says, and you happen at some point to run for President, perhaps you should not install him on your campaign committee. If you do, perhaps it will take considerable palaver to unsay what he says, and to say you did not know he said it. But, if you have been going about saying “they” are going to “swiftboat” you, “they” could turn out to be said pastor.

Polls change faster than stoplights.

The Puget Sound region has a variant custom concerning stoplights. Red means accelerate; green means sit and stare and look for something under your seat.

In politics, there is an inverse relationship between the expensiveness of tawdry behavior and public forgiveness.

If you proceed mindlessly through the easy stuff, your mind will be unexercised for the hard stuff.

A word means what your lexicographer says it means. This can be alarming for Calvinist scholars, because Henry Thayer was a Unitarian.

Material objects do not disappear. They may stick to pants seats and secrete themselves in pant legs, but they do not disappear. The only exception to this rule is stitch markers, which routinely disappear.

A just cause might be unpopular, and an unjust cause might be very popular. Think again about the legitimacy of the majority.

Arguably, the most ignored section of Scripture, after the Ten Commandments, is Ecclesiastes 7:10:

Say not thou, What is the cause that the former days were better than these? for thou dost not inquire wisely concerning this.


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