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Days of entropy, days of joy

June 24, 2008
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It’s summer, and the opportunistic things of our house are in a high state of entropy.

This morning a hostile rhododendron from the latest mutineering party impacted my knee with amazing force for a stationary object, leaving a bruise the size of a Grade A Medium egg. I determined there would be no hearing, no process, no lenity. That sucker’s now a stump.

After more than an hour of lopping and weeding, I showered under a mere dribble. Aha, thought I, the Captain did not replumb the shower or the sink in this bathroom. I inquired. My husband replied that the shower and sink in that bathroom had worked fine earlier; a bit of scale must have slithered into the line, blocking it, and now this area of the house was indeed to be replumbed with new PEX. I could see the familiar pattern: a convergence of entropic events in Sector Oikos mou.

While I was out garnering kitchen floor samples this afternoon, the mutinous cartridge in the kitchen faucet attacked the helm. Spying a puddle of water in the middle of the floor and noting a drip on the woodwork below the sink, I cautiously opened the cabinets under the sink.

The only thing that prevented water from flowing out with more force was the plywood bottom of the cabinet, which had absorbed the faucet’s outflow: a heroic rescue it will never have to perform again, because the warped and rippled bottom of the cabinet will now need to be replaced. It served well and died wet.

I hailed my Captain, still at his command post a county away. He ordered The Routine belayed, dinner to be had out, a new faucet acquired, and croquet to be played before its installation. Aye, aye.

Moving the floor samples around, I noticed the red woodwork was beginning to look like Pastor Don’s pictures of Cuba. This was because dust tends to gather on a surface and remain on a surface unless acted upon by an outside force, a phenomenon Newton’s Law of Motion noted in the 17th century. I became an outside force, resting my rhododendron-whacked knee on the tile floor, until Cuba was banished.

More summer days lie in ambush, the thermodynamics are in play, and entropy flows amok.  The fun never sets in the life of this counter-entropy operative, here at oikos mou.

“Six days shalt thou labour, and do all thy work.” (Exodus 20:9)





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