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John Robbins, founder of The Trinity Foundation, dies at 59

August 14, 2008

John Robbins was one of my heroes. As founder of The Trinity Foundation, he published all or nearly all of the important works of his mentor, Christian philosopher Gordon Clark. Dr. Robbins was an economist, a Reformed thinker and writer, and a family man.

Dr. Robbins struggled two years with multi-organ cancer. His Savior released him from his earthly labor today.

Memorial donations may be made to The Trinity Foundation. Dr. Robbins’s Trinity Review papers may be read at the site, as well.

May God comfort Dr. Robbins’s family, and continue to prosper the work of The Trinity Foundation through Dr. Robbins’s son-in-law, Tom Juodaitis.

  1. Greg Francis permalink
    August 14, 2008 9:49 pm

    Thank you for your words about John Robbins. We all lost a friend today, a faithful friend. John was faithful to God, His word and his family but most of all to the un-flinting belief in the Word of God and left a legacy that wise men will take note of. I have never before met a man who personified the spirit of John Knox of whom it was said that “he neither feared nor flattered any flesh”. I pray that God would give us the boldness of heart, the clarity of mind and the conviction of the Holy Spirit that led John into a life of such faithfulness. The accolades of this world were not His but the approbation of heaven is. I, with many others am grateful for his life, saddened at his passing but joyful that he now has entered into an inheritance purchased for him at the Cross of Calvary. He awaits us in a place where sin no longer casts shadows and death is no more. I trust there are those who will extend his legacy into the coming years; the world awaits it.

  2. Oscar permalink
    August 14, 2008 9:52 pm

    Glory to God, we have hope in the Sovereign God. Our prayers are with the Robbins’ Family.

  3. Jane permalink
    August 15, 2008 6:55 am

    So glad that we can continue to be edified by his works, even after he has passed into Glory. May we be fearless, as he was, regarding the Truth, though our sphere of influence is small compared with Mr Robbins’. He has been very helpful to my husband and myself.

  4. J.Wyatt George permalink
    August 17, 2008 3:07 pm

    John W. Robbins. After the tradition of Paul the Apostle, he was a constant advocate of Justification by Faith. Gentle in person and quiet as a teacher he was ever clear by his pen. May his advocacy of Gordon Clark’s writings and presuppositional epistemology live on. May the Lord bring great comfort to his family.

  5. John McWilliams permalink
    August 24, 2008 3:08 pm

    Yes, we have lost a great man of God. I was priviledged to have sat under his teaching a couple of times and even visited with him and his family at their home. He was certainly a great defender of the Faith. As a good friend of mine said, it seems as though God is picking all the flowers. My thoughts and prayers are with his dear wife and family. HE and his work will be greatly missed.

  6. Dave Eades permalink
    August 27, 2008 11:10 am

    John Robbins indeed performed a great service for the Reformed world and evangelicalism at large.
    He worked constantly to bring correctness in thinking to all of life, as Clark did before him.
    He now rests with that Saviour he so faithfully expounded. Soli Deo Gloria.

  7. Peter Herz permalink
    September 4, 2008 11:50 am

    A great Christian, a great patriot, and a deep thinker has entered into his rest. John was never shallow nor mushy in his thinking. While I share with many an appreciation for John’s intellectual clarity and theological integrity, I also remember him as a good friend and an affable and interesting host.

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