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Michael J. Bond for Washington State Supreme Court Justice

August 18, 2008

Judicial candidates are not permitted in Washington state to express opinions on controversies which may come before the court, and an advisory opinion  to Judicial Canon 7(B)(1)(c) of the Code of Judicial Conduct specifically states that this  pertains to a candidate’s stand on abortion. Therefore, Michael Bond is unable to specifically express to interested voters that he rigorously favors the sanctity of life when asked his position on abortion.  Mr. Bond also strongly supports private property rights, though he cannot comment on particular cases that could come before the court, or facts in controversy.

Michael Bond’s opponent is endorsed by NARL; let the facts speak for themselves.

Reasonable Washingtonians will vote for Michael Bond for Supreme Court Justice in Tuesday’s primary. The primary will determine the winner and the future shape of the law of our state. Visit Michael Bond’s website, contact him, read his analyses of some of his opponent’s opinions. Vote and elect Bond for Justice Tuesday, August 19.


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