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Was picking Biden a bone toss to Hillary?

August 23, 2008

I think I’m able to think like a little bit like a liberal right now because I’ve watched two Indiana Jones movies in a week. What’s the connection? Intense crash course in watching your back, of course.

Assuming Obama wins and we get through the next eight years, Biden will be 73 in 2016 and not a likely Presidential contender. That leaves the field open for Hillary if she wants to get in shape and attempt a run at 68.

It was ingenuous to think Obama would ever have selected Hillary. No one in his right mind wants a strong (much less vicious) rival as a job shadower for eight years. It makes sense to appease her, if he feels the need to, by choosing someone who won’t run in 2016. Plus Biden offsets Obama’s weaknesses and competes with McCain’s strengths.

I just hope the subject is mooted out in November.


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