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Democratic food iconography

August 28, 2008

The Democrats have imputed some vibrant political symbolism to food, associating it with individuals and their presumptive backgrounds and values.

The convention menu included a “mandate for colorful, organic food,” and much was made of the “no-fry zone.” Hitler was also a staunch advocate of organic foods, believing that they invoked the earthy roots aggrandized in the Vaterland’s medieval Teutonic mythology.

Arugula is associated with Obama.  The leafy green herb is related to mustard. Although easily grown, it is considered exotic; it is expensive, at least more so than lettuce; and it has a funny name.  But it’s too bitter for my taste. 

Needing something to go with the mustard, Paul Begala has dubbed Joe Biden “ham and cheese.” This, we can suppose, is fair contrast to the refined, reserved Obama. Food groups, rather than geography and ideology, now spice up and balance the ticket.

Prime rib with wasabi would be closer to my idea of electable.

One Comment
  1. August 28, 2008 10:49 am

    Meat and beans, any style, would do it for me.

    But prime rib from the Oasis in Manhattan, Montana would cinch it.

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