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Holy Flashback, Batman!

August 28, 2008

I was transported back to a 60s happening, only there was this weird temple and a person in the middle and huge video images of the person flanking the person. The dais was lapis blue and there was some kind of visual thing on the screen that looked like a blue water slide flowing from each speaker’s shoulder. Then the lights, the music…oh yeah, reality jarred…I was watching the Democratic convention on my laptop.

Exceptionally ordinary people trotted out their testimonies about how the Bush administration has snatched the American dream from the less exceptional ordinary American.

The Bush administration is responsible for the lack of success of the unsuccessful, and the Bush administration is responsible for the horrific challenges overcome by the successful.

Their leader spoke to this.  “We” can do better.  “We” are more decent than that.

Springsteen sang “Born in the USA.

The crowd went crazy when Tommy–er, Obama–hit the stage….all I remember 10 minutes later is that he’s going to give everyone everything and every American child is going to have a “world-class education,” even, I guess, if his IQ is 58. And he’s going to lower taxes for 95% of working Americans, and he’s going to do it all by cutting out corporate loopholes! Then there will be enough pie for everyone, no one will ever go uninsured again, and all the kids will turn off the TVs, do their homework, and call home on time.

CNN skycam never showed Hillary Clinton; I don’t know if she was there. Bill had already snubbed the event. The cam was constantly on the Bidens when it wasn’t on The Candidate.

Everyone looked so happy.

The trouble is, once those world-class educations kick in and math scores come up, no one’s going to believe any of this.

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