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The misinformation that ate Alaska

August 29, 2008

Wow, I’ve seen some stupid news commentary before, but today’s has put 20 million new cracks in the plastic ceiling.

The misinformation about Sarah Palin is flying fast and loose. She is governor of too small a state to be credible–it has “13 people and some caribou,” according to one.  (Actually, Alaska has more people than Wyoming, home of Vice President Cheney.)  She’s too inexperienced to be a heartbeat away, cry the liberal pundits. She was a small-town mayor with the simplest of issues before her. Illinois, of course is a “complex” state, so Obama’s inexperience is now relative. Didn’t McCain see that he was unraveling himself? Ha. Watch the skyjock swoop out of sight and land on your windshield.

I have to cut the MSM some slack; they’re surprised and unprepared. Sarah Palin’s name has been on the short list for months but they refused to believe she was a possibility. Now they have to scrape up information and the servers are overloaded. It has to be embarrassing.

Not to boast, but I’ve been looking up things about Sarah Palin for months. I had said privately that I would not vote for McCain unless he picked her as his running mate. I knew it was a longshot. I was prepared not to vote for President. I was a little surprised, but I knew that Governor Palin was the only way he could trip up Obama’s momentum. And hey, I’m not a pundit; I just stay home with the cat.

A strategist supportive of Sarah Palin writes that she is Roman Catholic. Sarah Palin is Protestant; she lists her denomination as Assemblies of God. Even a strategist can look that up in Wikipedia, which is updated as of her VP candidacy.

Alaska is not a simple jurisdiction. Sarah Palin governs a state that has an indigenous population with a subsistence lifestyle. Alaska has public health problems with alcohol and drugs to which Chicago hoods can only aspire. Alaska has some of the most politically debated oil in the world. The state’s land ownership pattern is unique: 60% of Alaska’s land is owned by the federal government.  And every single one of Alaska’s 630,000 people lives closer to Siberia than to Washington, D.C. It’s a complex state to govern.

Governor Palin has stood down Big Oil; she’s no corporate patsy. The need to drill the Arctic is based on the driving need for energy independence, not a pandering to special interests.

When Governor Palin gave her acceptance speech in Dayton this morning, she demonstrated that she can fire up a crowd with facts without resorting to pukey emotionalism. The more they heard, the more they liked.

I was never going to campaign for McCain. I am only writing this because I’m so annoyed with the carelessness and lassitude of the low-flying experts right now. Governor Palin is a trained journalist, among other accomplishments. She’ll let the country she intends to put first know who she is and what she stands for.

  1. sauer kraut permalink
    August 29, 2008 12:25 pm

    drill, drill, drill!!

    What’s her experience with national-level issues? Yeah, I know… gw didn’t have any either but how’s his term turned out? And Jimmah Cahtah, too.

    Can you fill us bloggers in on what’s going on with Troopergate? Pretty please?

  2. August 29, 2008 2:12 pm

    Unfortunately, oil is typically found underground or underwater. . . .

    I happen to have a daughter who’s worked as a teacher and principal in the Alaskan bush, hence the reason for my interest. We’re not on the same political planet, but I’ve been an interested observer of Alaska for the 11 years she’s been there. All I can offer is my researched perspective. Gov. Palin will have no trouble addressing things for herself as necessary, like Troopergate. Trooper Wooten was found in a subsequent investigation to have used a Taser on his stepson; not everyone thinks that’s the hallmark of a good cop. Here’s a link:

    Alaskans deal with national-level issues every day. The big daily bane is dealing with the federal government–Gov. Palin addressed an example in her acceptance speech: “Thanks but no thanks, we’ll build our own bridge.” Schools that can’t possibly jump the NCLB hoops have to deal with national standards or forego funding. The schools aren’t lousy, the teachers aren’t lousy, but fetal alcohol syndrome sure impacts the kids’ ability to meet national standards.

    The average Beltway denizen gets agoraphobic going to New Jersey. Alaska is just way outside his concept zone, much less his comfort zone. The prevailing mentality is that Alaska is a colony. The prevailing mentality is in for a paradigm shift.

  3. sauer kraut permalink
    August 29, 2008 5:03 pm

    From what I’ve been told by a resident of Wasilla, Wooten once got a glowing recommendation from Palin but Palin did not disclose the family connection.

    Palin apparently did oppose the Bridge to Nowhere but only after first totally supporting it. [I’d link it but when I try, my comment doesn’t post so I’ll try it without and see what happens]. In addition, the AJS link has a story quoting Palin as objecting to the Bridge because the federal funding wasnt enough to complete the bridge to Alaska’s satisfaction. Heck, even Massachusetts had to contribute millions upon millions for the Big Dig before the feds contributed anything.

    As for the taser “incident,” the Wasilla source stated that the boy and Wooten were horsing around when the boy asked him to use the taser. The taser, the subsequent investigation showed, was set on the test setting. Having experienced the shock under that setting, I can tell you it’s totally survivable even when done on a teenager.

    I guess the real concern is this: what if McCain suddenly croaks? I mean seriously… it’s not as if Palin is a Teddy Roosevelt or Harry Truman. She’s got less experience than Jimmah Cahtah and we know how that turned out.

  4. August 29, 2008 6:29 pm

    Senator McCain has always said he would choose a running mate qualified to be President. Whether McCain were 42 or 72, he’s mortal, and obviously qualification for the presidency is the Constitutional and practical consideration.

    It would be helpful if you could come up with a link to the subsequent investigation, though I’ve no doubt McCain has People Working On This.

    I am very glad that Governor Palin is not a Teddy Roosevelt or a Harry Truman–or a Jimmy Carter. It’s my sense that McCain has an uncanny understanding for Americans’ love of surprises.

  5. September 1, 2008 11:38 am

    According to this well researched piece from the liberal Seattle Times, Trooper Wooten made a death threat against his father-in-law, Chuck Heath, father of Wooten’s then wife and of her sister, Sarah Palin. A reasonable person might translate that into “bad cop, no donut.” I think Governor Palin’s detractors have got themselves a Bloopergate.

  6. Kitten StCyr permalink
    September 2, 2008 2:45 am

    When one issues death threats and engages in domestic violence, steps should be taken, steps that support society’s need for public accountability, but, that ain’t how they settles things in Wasilla. MY governor’s need to flout the social contract and rally her staff to coercion and blatant abuse of power is somehow both elitist and red neck. I suppose that is why McCain chose her: the perfect new/old face of the party. He did not choose well. I don’t care how they do it in her family. I’m going to have
    to insist on transparency and recusal due to conflict of interest…. It is generally referenced as, “even the appearance of impropriety” Maverick , My Flank , she keeps her citizens happy just like she learned it from Uncle Ted. Last month, she tacked on extra $1,200 to all permanent fund dividend checks (unprecedented) and today, she repealed the state gas tax. One thing reliable quality in Alaskans is…we won’t be offended if you try to buy us off. It is the way of our people. Frankly, I’m willing to stay out of her personal life if she’s willing to stay out of mine, but she isn’t – and I like a moose stew to have a tangy, lemongrass, ginger-root broth base, refreshing .

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