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Urgent questions…

September 8, 2008

If you’re experiencing unusual fog, just don amber shades till it’s over. It’s an all-pervasive condition known as post-convention stress disorder (PCSD). PCSD invariably afflicts liberals when smart, competent women with beauty, kids, and strong husbands turn out to be conservative. The symptoms pass as initial dumbfoundedness reverts to mean-spirited victimology.

Okay, it’s her show. New Age mythmonger Oprah doesn’t have to interview Sarah Palin. I have never watched Oprah, but I realize I am in an elite minority of people who are completely indifferent to what she thinks and says. But she who transfixes women across class lines should prompt an urgent question: How many houses does Ophrah have? The answer is seven. And she is far, far wealthier than Cindy McCain.

So the other urgent question: Why don’t liberals think Oprah is out of touch?


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