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Seattle Mayor Nickels asserts “moral responsibility” to cross state law

October 16, 2008

Mayor Greg Nickels ironically asserts a “moral responsibility” to proceed with a gun ban on Seattle city property, despite an opinion issued by Attorney General Rob McKenna that Washington state law “pre-empts a city’s authority to enact local laws that prohibit possession of firearms.” Attorney General opinions are non-binding but highly persuasive, at least normally.

Attorney General McKenna’s opinion distinguished the Sequim case on which Mayor Nickels was counting for support, citing that the City of Sequim was acting in effect as a business owner, while the City of Seattle would be acting in no such capacity under Nickles’s proposed ban.

How surprising is it that Mayor Nickels invokes moral responsibility to do an obviously morally irresponsible thing: knowingly assert jurisdiction where he has none, and to breach state law when it interferes with his fictive authority?

At least a couple of morally responsible organizations are at the ready with challenges to the Nickels Gun Ban. Stay tuned.

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