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Moose stew is the new Ron Paul

October 26, 2008

The most-read post on Oikos mou is “Is Ron Paul a Christian, and why it doesn’t matter,” with nearly 5,000 views since May 2007. Second- and third-place in number of views are both old posts related to Ron Paul. But the fourth most-read post on my blog, is one published just under two months ago, “An Alaskan Moose Stew Recipe.” My stats reveal that nearly twice as many readers per month arrive at Oikos mou searching for “moose stew” than have arrived searching “Ron Paul” with “Christian” or other terms.

I can’t prove it from the raw data, but I think “moose stew” searches are coming from readers who are so keen on Sarah Palin that they want to make her favorite food. Moose hunters already know how to make moose stew. This is different: there is a moose stew phenomenon going on. The refreshing spirit that drove Ron Paul’s candidacy from “Huh?” to household word is vital and flourishing in Sarah Palin.

No wonder McCain is dismissing the polls and insisting he will win.  This is a year for liberals to swagger and conservatives to take cover. Liberals are telling pollsters whom they’re voting for; I suspect conservatives are not.

McCain knows that Palin’s spirited authenticity is a winning factor, and he’s along for the ride of his life. If he wins, it won’t be his fault. He won the nomination because everyone else imploded. He’ll win the election because Sarah Palin exploded. 

McCain will win because Sarah Palin told voters, in that unhandled moment stolen from The Campaign, that a licentious entitlement feeding frenzy is not a good thing.

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  1. blakmira permalink
    October 27, 2008 10:10 am

    Palin has the same “refreshing spirit” that drove Ron Paul’s candidacy? And you arrived at that conclusion how?

    Ron Paul supporters are interested in adhering to the Constitution, retaining our civil liberties, bringing our troops home from Iraq and minimalizing the role of government in our lives. Not to mention supporting a candidate who has never lied, pandered or flip-flopped on issues.

    Palin supporters are only interested in her former beauty queen status and her willing participation in the American Idol contest that passes as an election. Oh, and her past time of blowing the heads off animals to turn into a stew.

    If McCain wins the election, it won’t be because of Palin’s “exploding” anything beyond her own head with its average-sized I.Q. It will be Bush’s close ties with Diebold and all the vote-flipping capabilities that entails. Of course, Obama has his Acorn connections, so the fraud on both sides might even be equal.

    The only thing “vital and flourishing” here is your imagination.


    And of course, your perfect right to speak for Palin supporters, viz what interests them, deserves to remain unchallenged. Res ipsa loquitur applies.–Lauren

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