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Screen shot

December 19, 2008

I took this picture of my back yard through a window screen. The waves and ripples are an example of Moiré interference: the screen’s grid ran interference with the pixels. Anyway, it would seem to represent the weird disruptions in our Puget Sound winter routine.

Last night at 8:50, a jocular fellow from the city water department went door to door, letting residents know their water would be shut off from 9:00-midnight. Three mains had frozen and burst. I thanked him for the ten minutes’ notice to fill some containers and suggested they plan ahead next time. Tacoma has the best-natured crews of any city in which I’ve lived.

For the most part, people are driving sensibly on the ice, if at all. My husband saw several along his commute who had embedded in their thoughts the idea that 4WD means ice-proof, only to discover their error in the midst of a pirouette.

The vent over my stove developed some condensation and dripped brown stuff on my stove: a little too much Polanski for the morning.

I’m on vigil. I laid aside a length of ribbon last night; I was going to cut it into pieces after dinner and glue them into the bindings of some books for markers. My Cat did an uncharacteristic thing. In his 10-1/2 years, he has never shown any interest in ribbon. I returned to find a very small bit of the original ribbon on the floor, covered with teeth marks and saliva. The animal emergency clinic tech said just to watch him, make sure he eats, defecates, and doesn’t show signs of pain. Cats’ own amazing systems usually take care of these things on their own. He seems fine. I found a vet who is open through the weekend and posted the number on the fridge. I can’t think the worst; we’ve been delivered from so much.

It’s a wondrous world out there, ripe for pleasure in its Creator. May those who believe they have sight see it for what it is.


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