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Coming Soon: Acer Horowitz Productions

January 10, 2009

Acer Horowitz is currently enjoying meteoric ascendancy as a photographer and filmmaker. Oikos mou has secured exclusive blogging rights as the official Acer Horowitz Gallery site.

Incredibly, our own Cat, Coolidge, has been asked to appear in what could become a series of Acer Horowitz Productions. Contract negotiations are still underway, but I have advised him to adopt a nom d’etage and to keep any assets earned with AH in a separate account. Coolidge will appear, if at all, as Ebenezer Hatchett.

If Acer Computers sues us for appropriation of brand, we will invoke the usual defense: no money, no foul.

From time to time, Oikos mou may air trailers of productions that may or may not ever be made.

Caution: The less discretion, the better.


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