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So where are the bargains?

January 29, 2009

I keep seeing articles proclaiming that “no one in their [sic] right mind” is paying asking price for anything, anywhere. To those authors: From what planetary bureau do you hail? Where are the bargains, and where is the bargaining?

I can’t click an offer into my Amazon Shopping Cart. I haven’t the nerve to ask Safeway to drop the price of Fancy Feast, but I can go to Target, where it’s $.08 a can cheaper. I looked for a t-shirt at Target and decided that Target had become too upscale for me–but I didn’t ask anyone if I could buy one for less than the marked price. I’ve never seen anyone else do this, either.

Shopping is already enough of a blood sport. I can’t imagine engaging in a price war with a series of floor personnel, and then work my way up to some managerial potentate with the awesome power to just say “no.”

Really, is anyone finding it a routine matter to negotiate prices of ordinary household items in regular stores? Does anyone have any money for anything else?

Is anyone going to Nordstrom and making an offer on a pair of shoes and matching Jason Wu gown? How about prescriptions–is anyone finding any giveaways on Prempro? My pharmacist doesn’t seem too open to offers.

Maybe it’s a New York thing that hasn’t hit the West Coast yet.

Tip: If you’re headed for the Puget Sound region with limited cash or maxed-out credit, bring your lunch and a coat. No bargains here.

  1. January 30, 2009 5:18 am

    Would this be referring to buying with coupons/when things are on sale/second hand/at thrift stores etc. Or just to big items like cars and antiques?

    I only recently learned that some people I know manage to regularly get 60.00 of groceries for something like 2.00 and so on by couponing/shopping with sales. Laura had a great post just the other day about how to do this with much less effort, though it sounds like many put an amazing amount of work in. It’s admirable and so like the virtuous woman. However I have to admire it from afar. I felt badly about my lack of effort in this area, and was so pleased to make it out by myself for the first time in weeks last Fri. to go to a sale at a grocery store (and I did manage to save about half the normal cost by buying only the sale items) but have been so flattened since that R tells me I may not plan on going anywhere for the remainder of the winter. He’s going to do all the shopping etc: and he won’t mess with coupons or sales. It’s obviously not in everyone’s power to be able to get everything at a bargain. I can reassure you that some of are still paying asking price at Wal-mart :-)

    All interesting, Heidi, but no, the stories I’ve seen refer to people who simply find what they want in a retail store, make an offer, and purchase it at a bargained-for price–no coupons or sales appeared to be involved. I can’t even get a case price on 24 cans of cat food! “Buy the case.” He doesn’t like the flavors that come by the case. A virtuous woman cannot shine without a virtuous Cat.–Lauren

  2. Laura permalink
    February 1, 2009 5:23 pm

    I’ve read articles about this too. I can’t imagine haggling in a department store, if I should happen to be shopping there (highly unlikely). Haggling belongs at garage sales. Anywhere else…are you kidding me?

  3. February 2, 2009 12:44 pm

    Yes I can’t imagine haggling at a regular store either. As you say it’s enough of a blood sport.

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