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Help! My attention deficit needs a bailout!

February 6, 2009

Senators, Representatives, and Esteemed Countrymen:

I forget to do things. I forget to write things down that I am supposed to do. I forget to look at things I remember to write down. I forget whether or not I have done things.

I have trouble concentrating. I forget things I hear, things I see, things I read, immediately. If I concentrate very hard, I will remember some things forever, taking up valuable memory space. I forget to turn off the stove. I forget whether or not I have taken the medications I need.

This is not an earthshaking problem. I realize that everyone in the world is far more in need than I am. I live in incredible privilege, where forgetting something usually has no consequences, or at least none that I have not been able, so far, to afford or survive.

My problem is nothing at all–nothing that $5 billion would not solve. This bailout of my attention deficit would be the lowest bailout in recent history!

Please. It is not for myself that I ask. It is for the entire planet. I cannot know the extent of the consequences my attention deficit will have if left unchecked.

Please act to save the planet from the unknowable consequences of my attention deficit, before it is too late.






One Comment
  1. Vic permalink
    February 6, 2009 12:53 pm

    Please. I love it.

    Reminds me of making a list, putting “drop mail at post office” first on it, and everything else you need to do after that entry.

    Then you mail the list with all the envelopes. . . .

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