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Dear WaMu, Thank you for the refund of the bailout money I sent you…

February 13, 2009

It’s incomprehensively stupid. WaMu, now a division of JPMorgan Chase Bank, got in on a bailout, and I guess now they have some extra money. And they want to spend it on me! I just received a bulk-mail offer to get $100 free for opening a $100 checking account.

Yup. We’re talking free account, free checks, even one free overdraft a year. Did it ever occur to WaMu to wonder how they got themselves into a situation where they’d be bailed out, sold, and hated for laying off a city block of Seattle?

But all I have to do is open an account with $100, and in 12 weeks, they’ll put another $100 in the account, on them. My fair share of the bailout bucks. My tax dollars, and yours, at work. Cool, huh? Unwritten expletives repented.




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