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Holy seratonin, Batman! And so long, Batcave…

March 20, 2009

I don’t require the Batman trait in my friends, but nor am I embarrassed at having a weakly expressed trace of it myself.  With all the “pure evil” hype, my husband and I weren’t particularly eager to see The Dark Knight, but we wanted to, just because we like Batman movies.  I placed a hold on the DVD at the library some months ago, falling, as I recall, #656 in the queue,  content to wait about 11 years to get the movie. It came in yesterday and we watched it.



The movie’s dotted plotline certainly testifies to total depravity, but not in a doctrinal way that comports with a Calvinist worldview.  Bereft of the knowledge found in Ephesians 6:10-24, The Joker believes that everyone is corruptible, and, most unfortunately, it’s his movie.  He wins, in the sense that he commandeers Batman’s integrity, trashes it, and gets away with it.  Batman lies to protect the dolts of Gotham City from the truth that their hero-DA has suffered a fatal moral accident.  He was broken and went bad.  After all, everyone has a good and evil nature in the dualistic universe of Gotham City.  Batman lies, and exhorts Commissioner Gordon to spread the dissimulation.  The archetypal truth, justice, and the American way (I know, Batman didn’t sign the Superman oath) is translated into, “Go forth and spread the lie.”  It’s uglier than The Joker’s face.

I resented another major breach of protocol, too.  One does not blow up heroines.  It just isn’t done.  But it is, because gratuitous evil is all there is, because this is the villain’s movie.  It has to be, because there aren’t any heroes.  

Maybe Batman will come around.  Maybe Commissioner Gordon will get his own spin-off.   But I’m not holding my breath.  To coin a proverb, Nihilism has no sequel.

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  1. Laura permalink
    March 25, 2009 10:04 am

    It *was* a disturbing movie. Somehow I managed to enjoy most of it in a superficial way—excluding, yes, the heroine blow-up scene, and the FRUSTRATION of watching some person or another catch the villain only to sit there and talk with him until he got away again. Just Shoot Him, Dangit.

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