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Friday flash: MRI today

May 29, 2009

I hate it when things change like this. I feel vital and triumphant in the late afternoons, but utterly defeated at night. It’s been increasingly difficult for me to lie down, and now I cannot lie down at all. I eventually crunch and curl my way into a reclining position, but I can’t sleep for the gnawing pain and numbness in my arms and hands.

I surrender. I remain persuaded that trigger points are responsible, but my hands are too wracked to stay ahead of them. I need help, and no one will work on me until I’ve had the MRI my doctor ordered, under the rather aggressive diagnosis of cervical radiculopathy. So I’m having an MRI this afternoon. I’m keeping my appointment with the PT next Wednesday. I’ll continue as much as possible with trigger point therapy on my own. I got almost no sleep last night and feel like a wandering wraith this morning. My husband thinks we need a new mattress and a new chair, but I have no energy to shop for them. Days of wonder, days of joy…

  1. May 30, 2009 10:26 am

    So dear Lauren, I hope the MRI was not too hard on you — I was thinking that at least so far as I am aware, one must be in a lying down position! I am praying for your sleep. The ups and downs of feeling encouragingly well/discouragingly unwell are definitely one of the hardest things to deal with over a length of time I think — another one being the length of time! May God give you times of relief for your spirit and body more and more until that is the dominant theme. You are always in my thoughts.

  2. May 30, 2009 11:03 am

    Heidi, this was actually my third MRI since 2002, and the most difficult one. I actually had to use my call button to hail the tech because I needed extra hydrocortisone to complete the gig. The MRI is yet another example of a tool become taskmaster. But I didn’t crack — I didn’t tell them our witness protection program identities or anything. Today I am recovering from the MRI. Obviously I have nothing better to do with my life.

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