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Walking with dragons and other signs of progress

June 1, 2009

Tuesday being my birthday, I think of how many things I can blame on age. This is most wonderfully liberating. I can become more sentimental. I can acquire arthritis in more joints. I can live with more kitty litter on the floor.

Our Oriental poppies and flax are blooming; their bright red-orange and lavender are so intensely translucent. Is that an oxymoron? It shouldn’t be. What could be intense without light?

My MRI, as I knew would be the case, showed nothing sinister, pathological, or portentous: a few bulging discs and bone spurs were really the worst of it. Nothing to see here, ma’am, move along.

I spoke with the PT I’ll be seeing Wednesday, and my optimism is jacked again. As I’ve said before, I’d rather have my optimism quelched than my pessimism vindicated. The PT sounds like she knows what she’s doing and seems conversant with trigger points and referred pain patterns. I think relief is in sight.

I think my own trigger point work resulted in kind of a backlash effect and caused my muscles to go into a hard spasm last week. Um, I might have been a little gonzo with the TheraCane. Warning: if you have fibromyalgia, maybe don’t start out gonzo. Your muscles will fight back. They’re not on your side.

I continue with Dragon’s training. The endearing beast has read all of my e-mail and now knows the addresses and code names of my correspondents. I have a swell new wireless microphone and I can walk around my house dictating. The microphone has a range of 65 feet. The fun part is when I return to my desk and I see what Dragon has said I said. I have a lot of editing to do and few cogent cues to jog my memory. Dragon doesn’t always quite get my drift on the first take. But, like Clouseau’s shrink, day by day, we’re getting better and better.

It’s humbling to see my writing as conscious imbecility in the Dragon’s maw. I adopted “conscious imbecility” from Calvin; I’m not sure whether it’s an oxymoron. Conscious imbecility is far too prevalent to be self-contradictory. But then, who would enforce the Law of Contradiction?

  1. Jane permalink
    June 4, 2009 6:32 am

    Lauren, I do hope that over time the trigger point concept helps you as it is helping me (a friend sent me the same book!) My chiropracter has ordered the theracane for me…..will heed your advice about not going gonzo and lessening the good effects! Love, Jane

  2. June 4, 2009 11:44 am

    Jane, it’s fantastic that you have the book. I would suggest going through it from the beginning to get a good foundation — just like systematic theology :-)

    I think that given our probably about equal compulsiveness, you’ll have to be tuned in to your own body signals since your hands are not self-limiting as mine are.

    In my experience, there is a point at which the original pain does release, then the area you worked on hurts more, then everything feels pretty good, and then this backlash spasm comes seemingly out of nowhere. It’s like the seven demons showing up after the house has been swept clean. I’m fairly sure that that was an example of overdoing. It’s much better to do short stints than push for results immediately. I do think the method works, and when my hands are working better I think it will be a good way to maintain things.

    The only suggestion I really have to offer is that it would be better to err on the side of underdoing than on the side of overdoing. It’s a lot easier to go back and work a bit more than to undo a major spasm.

  3. kamelda permalink
    June 6, 2009 1:29 pm

    Oh Lauren, I missed your birthday. Hipy Papy Bththdy, as Owl would say, the wisest speller in the forest. I am so pleased that your therapist is conversant with the trigger point therapy (and enjoyed your optimistic poem above :-) and pray that it will go well. I think optimism is a grace that we see over and over in the Psalms — ‘hope thou in God, I shall yet praise Him’ and love your optimism. When all the dust has cleared, we certainly shall praise Him. I think with me it’s probably often a matter of not being optimistic enough, because what I am hoping for is so much less than what I am being given. I pray that your presents this year are all worth the trouble of opening; and know, because God has already made you so beautiful with His grace, that they will be. God bless you dear L.

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