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A dream, a tragedy, and a new nephew

September 12, 2009

Due to one of God’s stranger providential demonstrations of goodwill in my life, my husband and I have a new nephew named Steve. This story is about God’s irrepressible mandate for the eternality of families.

Steve is the widower of the daughter of the sister of my ex-husband. I found my eternal nephew because of a dream I had nearly a year ago.

Steve and his wife settled in the same city where my husband and I live, but we had not seen them for many years. My husband and I had moved away and returned, and there just seemed no real basis for an ongoing relationship with, however dear they were, relatives from a former marriage. Still, I thought of them often and hoped they were well.

My dream continued to haunt me, and I began to wonder why it was that I never ran into my niece and nephew around town, so I conducted a Google search. Beware what you seek; you may find it. But in the eternally good and conciliatory providence of God, this worked to good purpose.

I was stricken to learn that my niece died from a lingering illness nearly three years ago, and that her mother, my former sister-in-law, followed her daughter in death a year later. In the dream that prompted my search, I ran into my ex-husband and his sister in a medical clinic, and she was weeping on his shoulder.

For many months I did nothing after learning these things. I hold no metaphysical beliefs about dreams, but my conscience urged me to find Steve and reach out to him with the gospel’s encouragement.

I found him easily, and he lives only about half an hour away. I sent a letter to which he kindly responded, saluting me affectionately as Aunt Lauren. His wife’s dying wish had been that he would find someone and marry happily again. He has found a woman he calls amazing, and they are engaged. My husband and I will soon get together with Steve and his fiancée.

Death is an outrage, and God hates divorce. But by the grace of his forgiveness of repented sin, there will come a reconciliation of all things; and his eternal ordinance of the family cannot be broken, even by the most maladroit of human hands.

  1. Laura permalink
    September 16, 2009 6:23 am

    I hope the meeting is gratifying for you, as I trust it will be for them.

  2. September 16, 2009 7:09 am

    It was, notwithstanding the magical anecdotal sacerdotal Catholic mystery tour….

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