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The Manhattan thing

May 4, 2010

This post is not about, and does not mention, and has absolutely nothing to do with, the recent, thankfully failed attempt on the part of an unmanned SUV to light up Times Square. However, given half a second or so, my mind could abstract to an obvious parallel between the recent event in Times Square, the Manhattan Declaration of 2009, and the Manhattan Project of 1942-1946. All had, and will presumably continue to have, ostensibly unintended consequences that were more ostensibly purposely intended. But again, that is not what this post is about.

I keep mixing up the Manhattan Declaration and the Manhattan Project. The former revived the commonly perpetrated and seemingly charitable fallacy that ecumenism is a good thing to pursue. The latter brought about the atomic bomb. I happen to think that atomic bombs can be good things to have, but they are hardly warranted against unintended consequences. Neither is messing with Christian identity.

I honestly wasn’t diligent in informing myself about the Manhattan Declaration when it was issued last fall. As for signatories, it wasn’t easy to discern the good guys from the bad guys without a program. The Trinity Foundation just released an article by Richard Bennett, an ex-Catholic turned anti-catholic, that I found competent and informative for my purposes, and so I am linking it here.


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